Dear White People isn’t set for wide-release until October yet has received an incredibly polarized range of ratings on IMDb. I’m sure they all saw it at festivals and gave it a fair review based on the quality of the film.

NOTE: The movie currently has a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, where, incidentally, you actually have to have seen the movie to review it.

Dear White People has a 97% fresh rating in Rotten Tomatoes after a few days of limited release. The movie will be in wide release on October 24. Go see it. Judge for yourself.

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Dolce & Gabbana: Fall/Winter Collection 1990-1991

Model: Tony Ward

Photography: Steven Meisel


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beauty and the beast au where belle’s dad is the one that breaks the spell by loving the beast like the son he never had

what the fuck that’s adorable

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Has this been done before?

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There was a group discussion in class today about music and I ended up getting really annoyed because…

  • Hip-hop is clearly the only genre of music where artists talk about drugs or have misogynistic lyrics. Never mind that we live in a world where Sweet Cherry Pie exists, or Animals, Maroon 5’s attempt at taking the Creep Anthem award from Robin Thicke. Let’s not forget the body positive anthem du jour, All About That Bass, where the worth of a woman’s body size is based on how much booty boys like to hold at night. No no… it’s a hip-hop exclusive problem.

Oh, also… Beyonce is a hypocrite because…

  • She claims to be about female empowerment but says “bow down bitches" in one of her songs. WOW!
  • She sings about waking up “flawless”, while also having songs about how outer beauty isn’t that important. How can she express that she feels good about her outer beauty while also singing about having inner beauty??? Make up your mind, Beyonce!
  • She dances sexually which is not “ladylike” and is degrading to women. You know, because women expressing their sexuality is bad. And dancing is bad. And Footloose never happened.


Toshirō Mifune in publicity stills for Rashōmon (Akira Kurosawa, 1950)

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only 2012 kids remember this

  • tourist: excuse me, could you give us directions to Olive Garden?
  • new yorker: No, but I could give you directions to an actual italian restaurant


So now that Israelis have murdered a Palestinian child, does this mean that Palestinians can raid Israeli towns to find the perpetrators? Does it mean we can demolish their families’ homes? Does it mean we can rain hellfire on Tel Aviv? 

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Fan screaming “Sit on my face” to Lana Del Rey

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#and I just don’t feel entitled to someone else’s life’s work.

That comment exactly!! It’s not mine and I can survive without it, so I will.

This is why honey is not vegan.

The problem here is that honey, especially if you buy it ethically from an apiarist, isn’t actually detrimental to the well-being of the bee or the hive. In the wild, honey is used as a food stock, but in a domesticated honeybee colony, the bees are fed quite well, and so the honey is a surplus.

The alternatives, like sugar, relies on monocrops in third world countries, with transient labour. Growing up, there was a sugarcane field by my house, and I’m sure the Haitian men who worked backbreaking hours hacking a machete through knife-bladed leaves in 40 degree heat for a couple dollars a day would have traded a testicle to be a Canadian honeybee. Stevia’s going the same way, iirc.

Additionally, apiarists are actually huge proponents and activists for sustainable bee-keeping, and it’s estimated that the domesticated hive may be the last great hope for declining populations, because we can optimize their chances for survival.

It’s their life’s work, sure, but it’s not the death of them to use it responsibly.

literally read anything about the history of sugarcane and the cuban sugar industry if you think sugar is or ever has been more ethical than honey

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The IMDb board for Dear White People is exactly what I expected

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Yamaha -The Dark Side of Japan7 | Modified Future | Pinterest

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