"Where's the party, animal?"

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Ugh, yes. I’ve been stuck in the 600’s for about 3 years.

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Glass house x Fog machine



Anderson Cooper takes down anti-gay host with sharp jab

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This guy is still going on about marriage on Twitter and it’s straight up embarrassing. Guess when you lose your job you have lots of free time to tweet about the homosexual scourge.

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Free Speech isn’t an argument.


"But… I’m allowed to say it!” doesn’t make what you say:

  • Right
  • Moral
  • Valid
  • Important
  • Relevant
  • Justified
  • Worthy of further discussion.

Know what’s sad? This is such basic level logic and we’re still having to deal with people stepping into what’s supposed to be a mature conversation with zingers like this up their sleeves.

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Maria Luisa
crescendo, 2010

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Harry Treadway and Stacy Martin in ‘The Dreamers’, photographed by Fanny Latour-Lambert. Styling by Moreno Galatà

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I feel like one of the things that sets Bobs Burgers apart from its counterparts in shows like Family Guy is its penchant for love and sincerity in its characters. Tina doesn’t get relentlessly mocked by her family members for being awkward and homely for laughs like Meg Griffin would be, the comedy is instead in how they defend her from people giving her crap. The parents and the kids and the siblings all have moments where they assess how close they are often and it’s something not seen much in these sort of family-based animated comedies (besides early Simpsons). BB may not be a perfect show by any means, but I feel like its sense of heart definitely makes it more fun to watch than a lot of its peers in primetime animated comedies. 

#I always defend BB when my friends say Family Guy/American dad is better because wow no #I guess they are 'if you like white people'


by Wesley Burt



Garlicky Avocado Grilled Cheese with Tomato Pesto

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